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Fatso Jetson




Heavy Psych Soun
Heavy Psych Sounds is proud to announce it will issue the new album from Fatso Jetson this fall ahead of their upcoming European tour. It’s been six long years since the Californian desert rock progenitors released their last proper full-length. 2010’s Archaic Volumes answered the go-anywhere-at-any-time intensity of earlier records like 1995’s Stinky Little Gods and 1997’s Power of Three with a refined sense of groove, always bringing in a sense of experimentalism to their foundation of heavy, punk-infused rock. Since that album came out, Fatso Jetson have hardly been idle. They’ve toured Europe multiple times over, including with Yawning Man, in which Fatso honcho Mario Lalli also plays, and released splits with Yawning Man, and one with Farflung that marked their first collaboration with Heavy Psych Sounds.

Mario Lalli says about this new album: “This record represents one of the toughest years in my life. To be honest, I barely got it done. It’s a very important record because I’m in a way coming out of a long troubled period in my life, and with lots of love and help from my friends and family I got to a place where I could get back to music and express some of this stuff. The band spent three days at Rancho de la Luna with Mathias Schneeberger recording and co-producing and writing on some pretty rough ideas. Dino, my son, wrote a lot of the heavier, more angular, intense music, and I was coming from a more melodic, dark vibe… seemed to all come together. Larry and Tony both wrote music on the album and one of my life-saving buddies Sean Wheeler collaborated on two songs I’m very proud of. Also was awesome having my daughter, Olive Lalli, singing on half the tracks. The title of the album is straightforward and the record, the contrary action, to faith without works is dead. We are stoked to do the record with Gabriele [Fiori] from Heavy Psych Sounds. He’s been so supportive of us for years now, a good friend. That’s how this should be.”

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