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Offerta3  Russell, George  JAZZ IN THE SPACE AGE

0889397020774 JAZZ IN THE SPACE AGE

Russell, George




(...) This album points the way to the future. It is prophetic because George Russell felt compelled to make it so. “Jazz is changing, the sixties could well be a crucial decade,” says the composer. “One thing is certain. A variety of sound and rhythms, many of which are alien to what audiences are used to, will nd their way into jazz. Unaccountably, things we hear around us every day, very humans things, have either disappeared or been left out of jazz as we know it.

“Progress is inevitable. Today’s musical palette is just not adequate. ALL feelings relative to life and beauty cannot be validly expressed with techniques now in vogue. What is more, jazz is an evolving art; it is not meant to be restricted. The very nature of the music and its history indicate this “The jazz music of the future? What will it be like? Well, the techniques are going to get more complex, and it will be a challenge for the composer to master the techniques and yet preserve his intuitive approach. And it will be a challenge to the improviser to master these techniques and also preserve the intuitive, earthy dignity of jazz (...) From the original liner notes of Burt Korall you can understand the revolutionary meaning of this wonderful LP from the great George Russell! Finally available again on ACV!

Numbered limited edition of 500 copies.

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