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Mirumir  Schulze, Klaus  stars are burning / bruxelles 16/4/77 arnheim 28/10/79

0889397103996 stars are burning / bruxelles 16/4/77  arnheim 28/10/79

Schulze, Klaus

stars are burning / bruxelles 16/4/77 arnheim 28/10/79



“(...)During his career Klaus has played 380 concerts, 119 as soloist and the others with guests or in a group such as Psy Free, Ash Ra Tempel, Tangerine Dream, or Stomu Yamash’ta’s GO. Some of these concerts were recorded and some of it was already released. The very first was the double LP album “...LIVE...” in 1980, and KS promised then, as it was printed on the cover: “This is my first and last live album.” Meanwhile, and gratefully, we have a few more concert recordings of Klaus Schulze released, for posterity ...and for enjoyment of the present listeners.

These historic concert recordings from the concert tour in 1977 were partly available before on an illegal bootleg. We had the obvious idea to make this album (and maybe others) finally “official” (...) The three titles played in 1977 during the Brussels University concert are too long for one CD and not enough to fill two CDs ... and therefore, I added a long bonus track from my archives to fill up the second CD. This track is the first that Klaus played at the concert in the Dutch town of Arnhem in 1979. We recorded it by placing Klaus’ stereo cassette recorder on stage, in the mids of Klaus’ two monitor speakers, which was the way we recorded many of this tour’s concerts. Mainly for Klaus Schulze, who likes to listen to it with headphones, back in the hotel, during the night, in bed. After such a concert he cannot just lay down and sleep, as if nothing had happened (...)

from the original liner notes of Klaus Dieter Mueller

This Double CD set contains the complete concert at The Brussels

University on April 16, 1977 & There shall be sung another golden age

recorded in Arnheim, Holland on October 28, 1979

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