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Offerrad  Scientist  Untouchable

0889397104207 Untouchable





Hopeton Overton Brown Aka Scientist is a true legend, he took Dub Reggae to a completely different level. Trained and mentored by the late, great, lamented King Tubby, he blew the scene into smithereens with his knowledge, skill and complete understanding of the mixing desk. He introduces today his new album The Untouchable, a really great collaboration with some of the best artists of the international reggae scene such as Tippa Irie, Rod Taylor, Sabrina Pallini, Da Real Storm, Dubiterian, Ilhame Paris, Kelli Love. Scientist’s The Untouchable album is a concept of reintroducing rhythms produced by Bunny Lee from the 70s and some rhythms produced by Scientist from the 80s by introducing some New School Artists alongside the Old School to preserve the Power of Dub Reggae Music. No matter where you are the music has the power to cross the borders to soothe your heart and soul and make you feel alive.

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