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Offerta  Riff Raff  Original Man

0889397838515 Original Man

Riff Raff

Original Man



“Riff Raff brings together four men of varying musical experiences whose sound spans both rock and modern jazz but cannot be pigeonholed in either camp. Their music is their own; they write, arrange and produce themselves, and the result is music of today that succeeds in avoiding the self-indulgence of many of their contemporaries. They named themselves Riff Raff with tongues firmly in cheek, although the name serves to emphasize the individuality of each member of the band.”

The second album released by Britain’s Riff Raff was a further study in the textures of jazz-rock as they had been articulated not only on the band’s issued debut, but also with Tommy Eyre and Pete Kirkley’s stint with Mark-Almond. Here are seven rather extended forays into keyboard-drenched pop/rock that carried a jazz sensibility in its beak and dropped it thoroughly onto blues-based progressive rock. This album has aged exceedingly well over the decades. (All Music)

Limited edition of 500 copies.

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