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8013358201168 Sedici

Serio, Elisabetta




Via Veneto Jazz
Sensitive, discreet, reflective, Elisabetta Serio instills in her music a double aesthetics alchemy: in her pianism melds, with a measured balance, an elegiac lyricism to a light rhythmic ripple.

"16" edited by Via Veneto Jazz VVJ 116, includes in its title and its catalog code, a lucky and dear numerology to the Neapolitan Pianist. In her new work Elisabetta gives us a new prospective and with the trio piano formula trial, proposes 9 original tracks in a Jazz key led by a suspended, poetic, and dreamlike atmosphere, in which she does not scorn any referee to neither the "masters" nor the world icons of contemporary music.

Elisabetta's compositional liveliness and pianistic lexicon are exalted by the empathetic groove of Marco de Tilla's double bass and Leonardo de Lorenzo's percussive drumming. They are both comfortable with a symbiotic team game which mixes simultaneously, an indirect abstraction and a common feeling of visceral tension.

Sarah Jane Morris' voice in the world form of "Afrika," Fulvio Sigurta's trumpet playing a delicate melody in "Il cielo sotto di me," and Jerry Popolo’s tenor saxophone playing in a funky mode "Rumors,” enhances the trio chromatic palette. This gives an additional value to the record, which has an enchanting Mediterranean essence, and synthesis of the multiple and gratifying experience lived by the leader (above all Mr. P) dedicated to her mentor and friend Pino Daniele.

Elisabetta Serio – piano

Sarah Jane Morris - vocals (#1)

Fulvio Sigurtà - trumpet (#1, 2, 4, 7, 9)

Jerry Popolo - tenor sax (# 3, 5, 6)

Marco de Tilla – doublebass

Leonardo de Lorenzo - drums

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