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Cinedelic50  Orlandi, Nora  Il Dolce Corpo Di Deborah - OST

8055323520348 Il Dolce Corpo Di Deborah - OST

Orlandi, Nora

Il Dolce Corpo Di Deborah - OST



IL DOLCE CORPO DI DEBORAH (THE SWEET BODY OF DEBORAH) is an early giallo movie with sexual coloring dated 1968 and the wonderful soundtrack is by Nora Orlandi, composer, violinist, pianist and singer born in Voghera (North Italy). The style of the giallo/thriller soundtracks of Orlandi is unmistakable, with a compositional use of semitone intervals accentuated by vocalizing and sound carpet of piano or distorted Hammond organ, all seasoned with rhythmic jazz. The orchestration is by Robby Poitevin and voices, as well as that of Nora itself, are of the sister Paola and Tony in the wild shake-beat "I Robot".

The album is presented graphically as the original came out on CAM but with 4 additional bonus tracks. Audio poured from the original master tapes in full stereo. Three years later, Nora Orlandi, in 1971, would carry out his other masterpiece LO STRANO VIZIO DELLA SIGNORA WARDH (The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh) of which a song is finished in Kill Bill 2 by Quentin Tarantino.

Limited edition of 500 copies in a glossy sleeve.

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