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Go Down  Komatzu  K2

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Go Down
KOMATZU are the winners of the 1st edition of "Go Down Goes Underground", the emerging talent competition promoted by Go Down Records. At the end of 2015 they've recorded at Go Down Studio their collection of original tracks. This album contains the work of 4 years, from the beginning sharp songs, to the latest more sophisticated ones. Its title is "K2" and it tells about the personal growth of the band members. This "musical journey" have inspired the cover artwork and the lyrics are full of natural and unnatural visions to reveal their concept and research. The powerful sound has been inspired by stoner, punk, grunge and it's made of heavy distortions, all-surrounding bass lines, rough vocals. The single "Clouds" has hi-speed riffs, "My Dog" is punk inside, "Sands" has dark and gloomy sound, "Darklash" explodes. The band's exploring more than one genre.

Track list:

1. Marbles On The Cement 2. 40°Ice 3. Clouds 4. Dust 5. Prog One 6. My Dog 7. Dust 2 8. Novocaine For The Soul 9. Lazzaretto 10. Darklash 11. Sands

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