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Spin On Black  Red Sun  triosophy

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Red Sun




Spin On Black
Red Sun formed in March 2014 after a few late night jams under the starry sky of Albone, a tiny village in the province of Piacenza (Italy). The group opened the first DesertFoxFest the following May. The trio comprised of Stefano "Eno" on guitar, Mirco on bass (both former Silent River and The Big Red Sun) and Federico "Fredo" (former El Infernal Quinlan, now Cubedivision) on drums and synth, serves up a mix of psychedelia, space-rock and heavy stoner instrumental rock. Over the top of the plots woven by bass and drums, is guitar that is punctuated by powerful riffs and dilated solos, wrapping everything up with a dreamlike architectures. The sound trips of the Red Sun, flow into the disc entitled Triosophy. The musical concept pursued by the band is the search for a unique sound, clear and powerful to hear and internalize, a sound that brings to life the vision behind each song. Spin on Black is pleased to release the reissue of the debut album Triosophy, remastered and released on 180 gram vinyl with updated gatefold cover art, in a limited edition of 250 numbered copies.

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