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Heavy Psych Soun
The recording of Jungla started in June 2016, rhythm parts were recorded live by the band in a large room of their rehearsal space’s building, which results in that long natural reverb. Lead guitars, vocals, effects were then added in Cachemira’s rehearsal room. The whole recording was done by Baptiste Gautier Lorenzo from Brain Pyramid and Thermic Boogie, he also did the mixing with the band. All the album was recorded analog on an old 4 track tape machine, then mixed digitally.

The record has this retro lo-fi sound with a very loud master to reproduce their live sound. It’s composed of 5 songs, these tracks were composed during the early days of the band and that’s what the album reflects, some fresh ideas from each member and jamming parts. The record is 31 minutes, no new songs were added by the band so that the album would keep it’s personality and consistency.

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