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Fvzz Popvli

Fvzz Dei



Heavy Psych Soun
“Fvzz Dei” which in latin means “The Fuzz Of The Gods”, it's the debut album of the roman Fuzz Rock trio named "Fvzz Popvli". Datio on bass, Doncalisto on drums and Pootchie already guitar player from "The Wisdoom" and "Beesus" are ready for introduce you tribute to the Fuzzy sounds from the "Proto-Punk" till the modern "Heavy Psych". "Fvzz Dei" will bring you into a rough and bluesy fuzzed-out universe. The album is produced mixed and mastered in Murduck Productions studio based in Rome, recorded with the warm sound of an analog mixer from Italian 80's TV shows, and mastered with a real tape analog support! The songwriting it's a compromise between instrumental jammed songs and the "classic tune format". The artwork conceived and made by Rise Above, it's a illustration about an ancient roman theatrical mask, the first example of amplification in the world. Just three words: FUZZ, ATTITUDE and ROCK'N'ROLL!

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