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Argonauta  From Oceans To Autumn  Ether/Return to Earth

8076750520176 Ether/Return to Earth

From Oceans To Autumn

Ether/Return to Earth



North Carolina based outfit FROM OCEANS TO AUTUMN return after their last album “A Perfect Dawn” of 2013 and several digital EPs released in 2014/2015. Being a perfect blend of Post Rock / Ambient and Instrumental Post Metal sonorities, this will be a massive effort by the band, a stunning double album where huge landscapes typical of a band as JAKOB meets the impressive “wall of sound” of ROSETTA. From Oceans to Autumn’s Brandon Helms (also in MAGI and MOUNTAINS AMONG US) says: “Writing and recording of this double album has been going on for 2 years off and on. Mainly in the fall months. We wanted something a little different, yet was still us at heart. The songs are more airy, with the guitars seemingly drift in and out of consciousness.” Ether/Return to Earth is a sound experience where ethereal and dreamlike atmosphere of the first part is in opposition to the darker and “otherworldly” feel of the second one.

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